We were founded in 1958 in order to perform lining of the mounting material and established it in 1974. I supported the success of the visitor at the same time as each put the greatest value to the thing called the making of environment that could develop while building the sense of cooperation because we made an effort and wrestled with "the coexistence and co-prosperity" that was one of the company policy that is us and a stakeholder to be related to for duties for the realization of a company required from the society every day.

I start from the textile with the machine and lining processing of the paper at first and, in the present, sell the textile for material uses for a frame, a hanging scroll, bookbinding and the paper container, packing material for gifts.

I am particular about the start-to-finish production with the company factory to be high quality, and to offer a product with the originality, service stably. In addition, I ask end user the needs of the visitor close more by selling it directly, and the needs copes as much as possible.

We will be devoted still more from now on because the posture is unchanged, and we ascertain the thing which a visitor wants truly, and it is with the expectation companies which can impress you more than it. To have more instruction, encouragement in future; thanking you in advance.

President-director: Shigeru Sata